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It's Very Difficult to Navigate Probate Law Without an Attorney

When a person dies in Grover Beach, CA or the surrounding cities, that person's estate typically goes through probate. The estate administrator-who's either named in the deceased person's will or appointed by a superior court judge-is responsible for all kinds of tasks. Understand how probate law applies to you by consulting with an attorney.

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5 reasons to hire a probate lawyer

Never underestimate the value of an experienced probate lawyer. Gary A. Bixler Attorney At Law can...

  • File a probate petition, your loved one's will and other court documents.
  • Represent you in probate litigation matters, such as a will contest.
  • Explain the probate process in detail so you know what to expect.
  • Help you distribute your loved one's assets and pay off debts.
  • Answer your probate law questions in a timely manner.

You'll appreciate working with our probate lawyer in Grover Beach, CA. Call 805-473-9793 today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.